Translation studies in Portugal

Researchers: Teresa Seruya, Ana Maria Garcia Bernardo, Maria Lin Moniz, Peter Hanenberg, Alexandra Ambrósio Lopes, Maria dos Anjos Guincho, Alexandre Dias Pinto, Carlota Miranda, Hanna Pieta, Maria Lúcia Diogo Abreu, Nadia Gilardi

There are two main activities within this project:
- Intercultural literature in Portugal 1930-2000: a critical bibliography
The following outcomes are foreseen: Volume I 1930-1950 – end of 2008; Volume II (1950-1974, the year of the April Revolution) – end of 2010; (Volume III 1974-2000, after 2010)
- Censorship and Translation in Portugal during the “Estado Novo” regime (1930-974)
Both activities will be carried out in close collaboration with the University of Lisbon, Centre for English Studies.
A conference on the subject is announced for July 10 and 11 2008 at UCP.
Beyond these two projects other books will be published, as well as individual studies and theses on subjects in Translation Studies.
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